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Re: Partition information as text file?

Le 29/01/2019 à 15:30, Richard Owlett a écrit :
On 01/28/2019 01:43 PM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

The total and used/free space in ext and FAT filesystems can be computed from the output of tune2fs -l/dumpe2fs -h and fsck.dos -n.

all my disks have "msdos Partition table".


  I get the following error message:
root@fromdell:/home/richard# tune2fs -l /dev/sda
tune2fs 1.43.4 (31-Jan-2017)
tune2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda
Found a dos partition table in /dev/sda

You must specify the partition containing the filesystem, not the whole disk.

Additionally, all my machines have legacy BIOS.


I assume "fsck.dos" is a typo as

Yes, my mistake. I meant fsck.fat or fsck.msdos.