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Re: system stops

On 28/01/2019 18.18, Paul Sutton wrote:
On 1/27/19 12:11 PM, BELAHCENE Abdelkader wrote:
Sometimes (maybe often) when I leave the system for a times without
touching it, when I come back, the system is frozen , juste the
pointer of
mouse can move, but nothing else,  keyboard doesn't respond,  even
ctrl+alt+F1 , or F2,  ...
So the only  thing todo is stop button.

Holding alt-sysrq (print screen key usually) and then typing RSEIUB may
also restart the system but cleanly as in unmounting file systems etc.

Unfortunately in this case the keyboard is not responding, so RSEISUB (boots and braces) probably won't help. (It's a good thing to try though.)