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Re: Disable left-ctrl?

On 1/28/19, 3:16 PM, Boyan Penkov wrote:
> To this end, I’d like to disable the left ctrl key only, and force my
> brain to use the right one.  Better yet, I’d like the screen to flash
> or something then I inadvertently hit left-ctrl.

Just two thoughts occur to me:

1) On a 5250 data stream terminal tied to an IBM Midrange system, (AS/400, iSeries, System i, or whatever IBM is calling it this week), "Error Reset" is in the left-ctrl position, and "Enter" is in the right-ctrl position. I've written most of the user-interface code for a Java-based 5250 emulator. It's certainly possible to write code that accesses the keyboard at a low enough level to completely remap it. But for your purposes, the place for such low-level remapping code is probably in a keyboard driver.

2) When I was still using a WinDoze box with any regularity, and had a keyboard with "WinDoze keys" connected to it, I stuffed rolled up pieces of paper under those keys, in order to physically interdict them.