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Re: Pulseaudio setup question

On Mon, Jan 28, 2019, 12:54 deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Michael Earl Milliman wrote:

> I regularly use at least one loopback module in my pulseaudio setup,
> looping incoming USB audio stream back to the computer speakers and/or
> bluetooth headphones.  This means that I almost always run 'pactl
> load-module module-loopback' as one of the first things I do when
> booting up.  According to the pulseaudio documentation, I can put the
> command 'load-module module-loopback' into a default.pa file in my
> configuration folder for pulseaudio (~/.config/pulse) and it will be run
> automatically on log-in.  Unfortunately, when I do so, the pulseaudio
> server crashes (or fails to start).  I have also tried putting this
> command in the system configuration folder, which causes much the same
> problem.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or what I need to do
> differently.  Putting the appropriate command in my log-in script is an
> option, but was hoping for a way to do it automatically through
> pulseaudio.

Ahm, PA is spawned by the user session, so you need to load (if at all)
after you log in and PA is started.

Yes, it is spawned by user session, which is why I attempted to place the command needed in my home configuration folder. Pulse does remember settings from the previous session, but only applies them after the module is loaded. It doesn't automatically load modules that were being used in the previous session.

I write (if at all), because I think PA can remember what you were doing
before, but it could be also version related issue.

Last but not least. I compiled 12.2 because all the rest had too many bugs.
Don't know which is the version now in stretch - I got so pissed. Now
finally it works 99.5%. My issues were also related to removable (BT)
source. It was nasty with 11.1. 11.99 was better, but got a hint about 12.2
and it is peace now.

hope it helps