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Re: IPv6 static config in /etc/network/interfaces ignored

Le 27/01/2019 à 22:09, Claudio M a écrit :

Jan 27 20:40:15 my-server systemd[1]: Starting Raise network interfaces...
Jan 27 20:40:20 my-server ifup[489]: Waiting for DAD... Done
Jan 27 20:45:15 my-server systemd[1]: networking.service: Start operation
timed out. Terminating.

Is this what you got before or after swapping the stanzas ?
"Waiting for DAD" means that ifup started configuring the interface with the inet6 stanza.

Did you try to swap the inet and inet6 stanzas ?

I did, and it solved the assignment problem, but I guess  it's the
iptables.sh script that's causing this.

Do you mean it could not terminate within 5 minutes ?
Do you mind posting its contents ?
Also, running ps -Af, pstree or the like before the 5-minute delay should show the offending process.

I suppose I could try to replace it with nftables (we're going there

I do not think that iptables is going to disappear anytime soon.