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Re: cups "Filter failed" | filter rastertopdf stops with status 1 | local printing works; remote printing not

On Monday, January 28, 2019 12:08:35 PM rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Ahh, ok, sorry, it looks like I lied 

I guess I should clarify, I should know better than to make statements like 
that on a mail list (but, it does say "it  looks like I lied" ;-)

I mean, if I want to run for president -- oh, wait... ;-)

To clarify, it was a mis-statement, with two causes:

   1. My default search engine has been DDG for several months (maybe almost a 
year now), but I don't remember / think about that -- I just think of it as 

   2.  Even if I did remember / think about it, I use "google" as a generic 
name for online searching (repeating what I said above).

> -- I searched for [define: bananian]
> using Duck Duck Go (not google, as I had stated).

> None of the first 10 results had anything to do with a LInux distribution.