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Pulseaudio setup question

I regularly use at least one loopback module in my pulseaudio setup,
looping incoming USB audio stream back to the computer speakers and/or
bluetooth headphones.  This means that I almost always run 'pactl
load-module module-loopback' as one of the first things I do when
booting up.  According to the pulseaudio documentation, I can put the
command 'load-module module-loopback' into a default.pa file in my
configuration folder for pulseaudio (~/.config/pulse) and it will be run
automatically on log-in.  Unfortunately, when I do so, the pulseaudio
server crashes (or fails to start).  I have also tried putting this
command in the system configuration folder, which causes much the same
problem.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or what I need to do
differently.  Putting the appropriate command in my log-in script is an
option, but was hoping for a way to do it automatically through pulseaudio.

73 de Mike, WB5VQX