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Re: Can a recipients rights under GNU GPL be revoked?#

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 07:24:17PM -0500, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Resending to the list -- I didn't notice that Ivan had sent this to me only,
and my reply, of course, then went to him only.

How strange; both that Ivan would mail you privately, and also I wonder
what the context was that prompted Ben to post the message starting this
thread in the first place.

When considering what is possible or not in law, especially when more
than one self-professed legal expert (vsnsdualce?) are in conflict with
one another, it sometimes helps to look at what has *actually happened*.
I don't believe that any court has yet ruled to support the revocation
of the GPL. When threats of such a thing come from Eric Raymond of all
people, I make sure I put plenty of salt on my shopping list.


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