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Re: system stops

On 28/01/2019 00:55, David Christensen wrote:
> On 1/27/19 12:11 PM, BELAHCENE Abdelkader wrote:
>> Sometimes (maybe often) when I leave the system for a times without
>> touching it, when I come back, the system is frozen , juste the
>> pointer of
>> mouse can move, but nothing else,  keyboard doesn't respond,  even
>> ctrl+alt+F1 , or F2,  ...
>> So the only  thing todo is stop button.
> Install the package:
>     openssh-server
> Configure your host and/or network so that you can log in over the
> network.
> David

Holding alt-sysrq (print screen key usually) and then typing RSEIUB may
also restart the system but cleanly as in unmounting file systems etc. 
however I agree with the above option too. 

Paul Sutton

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