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Re: Need help with Play on Linux

On 1/27/19 8:26 PM, Jiangsu Kumquat wrote:
> So, I did all that and then I tried once again to get Spotify to install
> without errors, but It still can't find the .dll file.
> I posted a picture:
> https://postimg.cc/wRLyFTyb
> and added a comment about this in the PlayOnLinux forum under Spotify:
> https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-386.html
> I think I give up. Other people have been having this issue for a while.
> Thanks oodles for your help. I did not know about adding the i386 to
> dpkg before you told me about it.

I just looked, and Spotify apparently has a native Linux client. So I
guess Wine/PoL are not needed anymore?


You can either use the .deb package they provide, or you can use a snap.
Either way should yield better results.