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Re: system stops

On 1/27/19, Cindy-Sue Causey <butterflybytes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> AND THAT... just reminded me that there was a thread where someone
> here said something I'd never remembered hearing before... There's a
> spot related to I THINK initramfs or something LIKE that
> (initrd.img??) where we can accidentally be carrying over a wrong UUID
> (or possibly PARTUUID, LABEL, etc) declaration.
> That would, for example, happen if we copied over a live session from
> one partition to another. It's well known that we immediately need to
> change declarations in /etc/fstab to represent the new partition. This
> other, though, just might answer some questions like this that have
> otherwise long gone unsolved in the past..
> OR NOT. *grin*

Sorry, I did it AGAIN. Left out the rationale for even bringing that up.

Whichever kind Debian User brought that topic up in last couple months
said that it's a place where our systems would be tapping into when
bringing things up to speed. If the wrong declaration is sitting in
that position, our systems will stall while they're scratching their
heads trying to figure out what to do next when they can't find that
wrong UUID (or possibly PARTUUID or LABEL) that was accidentally
carried over from another partition or suchly..

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
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