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Re: cups "Filter failed" | filter rastertopdf stops with status 1 | local printing works; remote printing not

On Sun 27 Jan 2019 at 20:49:36 +0100, toogley@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hey!
> i have a laptop and one remote server/computer. The remote server is bananian, i
> hope that doesn't matter for this case.
> I have  configured cups with hplip to print things on the remote server. That
> means, i can go to https://remote-server/printers/printername in my laptop's
> webbrowser and print a testpage there. However, when i visit
> https://localhost:631 (on the laptop), add the printer of the remote-server
> manually there (url is ipp:// and
> print e.g. the testpage, the job fails with "Filter failed".


Please confirm that /var/log/cups/error_log (LogLevel warn) is from the
client and say *exactly* what you did when you added the printer of the
remote-server with localhost:631.