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Re: Has NFS changed recently?

On 1/27/19 7:35 PM, John wrote:
> I run a mixed Debian/openSuSE /android LAN an after an upgrade of one
> component from jessie to stretch I have hit a big problem.
> Mail is delivered into a mbox on the Debian server, and the disk is
> mounted on the user machine via NFS so the mail can be read into emacs
> from a simple file.  This has worked for many years.  But now with the
> jessie->stretch upgrade it fails with emacs barfing.  I know that the
> emacs did not change so I am guessing that the issue is with NFS.  Any
> possibility of this?
> ==John ffitch

Good Day John,

Mail+NFS+inconsistent file content... maybe it is unrelated,
but this reminds me of something read some time ago:


A few articles later, it turned out the NFS protocol didn't
support that kind operating mode in the first place:


If this is related, it doesn't look like something that
will be "fixed" anytime soon, well not in NFS kernel side
at least.  Could be emacs, or any other process holding the
"mbox" in read-write mode, and causing these kernel cache
inconsistencies across machines.

Kind Regards
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@xxxxxxxxxx>

PS: To answer to the question in the Subject header, yes.
    NFS changed between Jessie and Stretch.