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Re: Can a recipients rights under GNU GPL be revoked?

On Sunday, January 27, 2019 03:45:14 PM Ivan Ivanov wrote:
> IANAL either but "vsnsdualce" is a lawyer and provided a lot of
> information on how the GPL could be revoked. Maybe the laws, e.g. USA
> laws, are more powerful than your EULAs and EULA-like stuff.
> If you really would like to find out the truth instead of drinking
> kool-aid calming yourself that "nah it can't be revoked because I
> wouldn't like that" then please search for "vsnsdualce" "gpl"
> messages.

You cc'ed me (which I responded to you privately about), but now I'll expound 
to say that was not my position -- I merely pointed out that one (?) way to 
seemingly get around the do not revoke meme would be, as an owner of the 
software (not the owner of a copy of the software or owner of a license to use 
the software (unless that license allowed what I'm going to mention)) is to 
modify the software and issue the new version under different terms.

To all: please don't cc me unless there is some good special reason -- it 
makes me feel that you are somehow personally attributing to me (or arguing 
with me?) about something in the post. 

Randy Kramer
> My personal point of view, which may be incorrect because IANAL, is
> that the forced introduction of Code of Conducts was quite similar to
> one-sided modification of license agreement and should render it
> invalid.
> Best regards,
> Ivan Ivanov