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Re: Partition information as text file?

On 27/01/19 4:45 AM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
> Le 26/01/2019 à 16:12, Richard Owlett a écrit :
>> On 01/26/2019 08:36 AM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
>>> lsblk >>lsblk.txt
>> I had misinterpreted "SIZE  size of the device" in the response
>> to "lsblk --help". I did not equate "device" to "partition".
>> But I still need to know how much of each partition is used/unused.
> Usually, all of a partition is used. If the partition contains a
> filesystem, swap area, RAID member or LVM physical volume, these data
> structures use all the partition space.

Not necessarily - eg if you've extended the partition and not the
filesystem, it doesn't. Or if you've shrunk the filesystem and not the
partition. It's probably possible to specify the fs size at creation
time, too, but I've never come across a need for that.


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