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Re: Enet names

Le 25/01/2019 à 19:19, ghe a écrit :
Buster, computer with MAC identified Ethernet ports

Is there a way to relabel Ethernet ports? Without changing things in a
number of config files?

Short answare : no.

I'm gently moving to a new ISP, and I'm trying to set up new, virtual IP
addresses on my Enet ports. Webmin tells me that enp0s31f6 is too long.

Then Webmin is broken. It should accept any interface name that the kernel accepts.

I could do it in /etc/network/interfaces, but Webmin does all that quite
painlessly. Without typos.

Not so painlessly, according to the above, if it forces you to change interface names.

I'd like to replace the /dev/random names with something understandable
to a mortal.

enp0s31f6 is not random at all, rather the opposite ; it is a (supposedly) predictable naming scheme based on the hardware topology :

en = ethernet (wl would stand for wireless)
p0 = PCI bus 0
s31 = slot 31 (no physical slot if embedded on the motherboard)
f6 = function 6 in the device

I wrote "supposedly" because, unfortunately, on some motherboards it has been reported that PCI bus or slot numbers may change when another PCI device is added or removed.

I was thinking of creating an alias in /dev pointing eth0 at enp0s31f6.

Network interfaces are not character nor block devices and do not have nodes in /dev.

Reverting to the "natural" kernel names has issues : interface names may not be persistent and change across reboots. More details following the link provided by Alexander.