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Re: USB hard drives -- recommendations?

I avoid USB drives, in preference to internal drives... speed and security.
When I use them I am extremely careful, because they all seem to have a spinning disk inside, not shock resistant, and subject to early failure due to heat. I do have several, but they are not what I really Trust to keep precious data.

a separate box that is out of harm is best, even a separate low end computer to act as a storage device.
syncthing is my tool of choice to sync from my laptop to a desktop
then LuckyBackup on a schedule to Copy the sync folder into a second Storage drive.

Sorry, no recommendation, others have already spoke up and they know more than me about USB storage

On 1/25/19 9:24 AM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
Fellow List members:

Would anybody care to voice an opinion on USB external hard drives in the 2 terabyte size range, for automated backup purposes?

We've been looking at the Seagate "Expansion" and the WD "Elements"; I've noticed that on Amazon, both have a fair number of negative reviews citing reliability issues. (We recently discovered that our current Seagate had apparently failed on us.)

Any opinions? Seagate? WD? Toshiba? Something else?