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Re: Need help with Play on Linux

Let's take this a step at a time.

On 1/25/19 11:55 AM, Jiangsu Kumquat wrote:
> Here's some stats about the computer I'm running Play on Linux with:
> OS: stretch 64bit
> CPU: Intel® Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz × 2
> RAM:  2.0 GiB
> Graphics: Intel® 945G (built-in video on the motherboard)
> I think I have located the driver for this video card but I'm not sure
> how to install it. I tried to install it as a regular program, but the
> setup program says that my computer does not meet the requirements to
> install it.

The Linux Kernel has built-in drivers for your graphics. No additional
drivers needed.

> I just added i386 to dpkg and installed wine32. This seemed to resolve a
> lot of problems.


> I successfully got the installer for a windows app to run. However it
> did not install correctly...
> I'm trying to install Spotify client.
> I installed "mono-complete" and "mono-complete:i386" but the installer
> still could not find mono.
> So I had the play on Linux installer install mono.
> *It complained that I do not have "wine-gecko" installed. *I cannot seem
> to resolve this.

Thats odd, PlayOnLinux should have prompted you to install wine-gecko.

> Spotify says that it could not find WINHTTP.dll and won't run.
> However, I did successfully manually install and run this software with
> default wine... although it doesn't require a lot of stuff to run. (It
> will run in DOS apparently) It's an audio spectrum analyzer.
> https://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Other-AUDIO-Tools/Audio-SpectrumView.shtml
> Also, on the play on Linux main window, the capture plugin gives me this
> error:
> 01/25/19 09:03:52 - [main] Fatal: Please install alsa-base
> However, alsa-base is not available in stretch.

Have you tried installing Spotify via vanilla Wine, instead of PlayOnLinux?

> The attached log file is for Spotify. It doesn't say it in the file, but
> I am getting an error message that it cannot find WINHTTP.dll.

The only thing I can see that *might* cause a problem is that you are
installing Wine 1.7.35. Granted, this is the version that is in Stretch,
but it is a very old version. Perhaps try installing it from Stretch
Backports, then reinstall Wine, and see if that helps. Also, Spotify
appears to be problematic with Wine outright.


To install from backports, first add backports to your repos.

# echo "deb http://deb.debian.org/debian stretch-backports main" | tee
# apt update

Then install (or in this case, re-install) Wine

# apt install \
      wine/stretch-backports \
      wine32/stretch-backports \
      wine64/stretch-backports \
      libwine/stretch-backports \
      libwine:i386/stretch-backports \

This will install Wine 3.0.3 from backports, and should give improved