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Enet names

Buster, computer with MAC identified Ethernet ports

Is there a way to relabel Ethernet ports? Without changing things in a
number of config files?

I see on the web that changing udev used to do that, but now there are
at least 2 files to modify.

I'm gently moving to a new ISP, and I'm trying to set up new, virtual IP
addresses on my Enet ports. Webmin tells me that enp0s31f6 is too long.
I could do it in /etc/network/interfaces, but Webmin does all that quite
painlessly. Without typos.

I'd like to replace the /dev/random names with something understandable
to a mortal.

I was thinking of creating an alias in /dev pointing eth0 at enp0s31f6.
But where to put it? .bashrc would be convenient, but it'd be too late.
In an init file? Is the s.*d word going to do init files forever?

Glenn English