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Re: I'm a bit confused on how to upgrade to stretch 9.7

Hi Pete,

On Fri, Jan 25, 2019 at 12:23:27PM -0500, Pete Geenhuizen wrote:
> I am mainly a Centos user and am quite a novice when it comes to Debian and
> I have a computer which is currently running Stretch 9.6 and I recently
> install apt 1.4.9.

So you already have version 1.4.9? What does:

dpkg -l apt


> With the release of Stretch 9.7 and because of the recent vulnerability
> discovered in apt I'm not sure how to proceed.

Normally as long as you have the stretch/updates line in your
/etc/apt/sources.list then you will upgrade through the point
releases just by doing normal package updates.

> According to the instructions in the Debian Security Advisory they advise
> disabling redirects which might
> "break some proxies when used against security.debian.org", not sure exactly
> what this means to me,

Well you said above that you already have upgraded to it, so there
is no upgrade left to do. But all this is saying is that, since it
is possible for the buggy version of apt to do bad things when
presented with a redirect, you may wish to disable redirects when
upgrading to the fixed version.

However, security.debian.org does have a redirect to
security-cdn.debian.org so by disabling redirects it will not allow
that upgrade to happen. You would need to either pick a mirror that
doesn't do a redirect (e.g. by using security-cdn.debian.org
directly), or else download the .deb file manually, verify its hash
and then install it with dpkg.

All of this is mentioned in the advisory.


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