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Re: missing avidemux Debian package

Il giorno ven 25 gen 2019 alle ore 17:40 deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
David Wright wrote:
> And to be fair, that has been spelled out in the Release Notes ever
> since etch was released in 2007. Before that, the warning was less
> explicit.

Of course, it was not my intention to blame anyone else but me, I just wanted to underline the dangers of mixing repositories.
It took a while but it did come back to bite me in the ass :)

No idea what you are talking about, perhaps I am the only lucky one, or I am
not using the apps that caused your problems

It's more like an issue with the libraries than the apps themselves: the apps in d-m are not in Debian and won't directly be affected. However, shared libraries in Debian might be upgraded to different versions pulled in from d-m and that's where the problems will come from during an upgrade.