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Need help with Play on Linux

Please email me directly as I might not see your reply in the mailing list.

I installed "Play on Linux" and attempted to run a program under it. You can download it here:

I am trying to completely rid myself of using Windows. The only thing that I really need Windows for is to play games made for Windows. So, if I can get this to work, I'll put Microsoft in the waste bin!

No matter what I do, it tells me that Wine has crashed. When I try to install a program either manually or a supported software, it tells me that Wine has crashed and I never see the Windows installer box.

I have tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions of wine and they both crash. (I installed wind with APT and also installed wine from inside plays on linux.)

Here is an error I get when I first execute the program:

PlayOnLinux is unable to find 32bits OpenGL libraries.
You might encounter problem with your games

From here on out I always seem to get this error no matter what I do...

Error in POL_Wine
Wine seems to have crashed

And this is as far I can get.