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Re: E: Unable to locate package zimlib . . .

On 25.01.2019 1:15, Albretch Mueller wrote:
 I installed the package, but could not make sense of it.

 "zim" is the extension used by compressed wikipedia pages. You find
such files here:


 What is the Linux utility to work with such files?

The OpenZim libraries are not meant for end-users but for software developers which integrate them into reader applications or export tools.
If you just want to read or view files in OpenZim format, then you should look for a reader software that supports it. [1] [2]
AFAIK there is no application in Debian repos that can read OpenZim files yet.

[1] https://wiki.openzim.org/wiki/Readers
[2] https://alternativeto.net/software/kiwix/
With kindest regards, Alexander.

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