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Help filing a bug report

Good Evening,

I have a rather specific bugthat I can reliably recreate, but I really don't know how to file it or how to give detailed logs on, and I would appreciate any advice.

I am running Debian Stable with a Cimmamon Desktop, and have it set to sign me in automaically. I am running it on top of an encrypted ZFS set up.  Recently, I purchased a 2TB hard drive and formatted it to ext4. I added this to my /etc/fstab:

UUID=31320a26-0b89-413f-a628-b8e10041183f /home/chris/Android ext4 defaults 0 0

On the next reboot, Cinnamon did not automatically log me in, but presented the log in screen to me. WHen I logged in, the command line reappeared, then the log in screen reappeared. I could log in as root, and if I used ctrl+alt+F1 to log in as "chris" on CLI, I would log in no problem.

I discovered this because I reverted the ZFS snapshot to before having the hard drive, and I could log in just fine. HOwever, adding that line again triggered the same error state. WHen I tried to remove the line from /etc/fstab and reboot, the error state persisted.

I have additionally found that mounting the ext4 partition through Nemo does not trigger this behavior.

As this is a rather odd bug, I am unsure how to gather more information, nor am I sure what is causing it, as I have a feeling that it is a compilation of issues.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Chris Talbot