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Re: Why popular sites are looking ugly

On 24/01/2019 01:07, Marek Mosiewicz wrote:
After some experiments with dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config it seems
that the issue is with native/autohinting option. Seems that Debian
uses Dejavu fonts which looks better with native.

I use manually hinted fonts, including Liberation Sans and DejaVu Sans Mono, with full greyscale hinting at 96 dpi. I do not like the rendering of these fonts with the automatic hinting of the new v40 TrueType interpreter, which is the default in FreeType 2.7 or later:

I enable the old v35 interpreter everywhere by default with the following in /etc/environment:

The new interpreter is supposed to have better results with MS fonts, so this may not fix your problem. For lovingly hand-hinted fonts on low DPI screens (mine is physically about 82 dpi (27" 1080p)), the old interpreter might be worth a try.

Kind regards,

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