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Re: Need ISO Debian 7.9.

On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 05:38:04PM +0100, Freddy Brebion wrote:
>    In fact, I have many system in Debian 7.9, around the world, in amd64
>    platform.
>    On each, I have standalone repository deb_7.9 amd64.
>    I would install another program that need i386 packages.
>    The most efficient would be to create deb_7.11 amd64 and i386 repository
>    on each platform (for migrate all servers, I agree), but it's too
>    difficult because I have low connection with my plateform, and it's wild
>    be difficult to copy all packages deb_7.11.
The reality is that migrating from 7.9 to 7.11 is not likely to provide
you enough additional security fixes to be considered adequate.  There
have been many security vulnerabilities announced that affect numerous
packages in wheezy since the end of LTS.

>    So, I would like to send just needed packages for my program, in deb_7.9
>    compatibility.
>    ie : some packages are critical : libc6 or linux-hedears for exemple.
The way that security updates work in Debian means that this likely
extra work for no particular benefit.  You should get the latest wheezy
version of the packages you need.  You should be able to find them on
archive.debian.org and they should work perfectly fine with whatever you

The only possible exception would be packages that have an explicit
dependency on the exact binary version of another package.  For example,
a -dbg package with debugging symbols would depend on the same binary
version of its parent binary package.

However, you have not specified which packages you need to install in
this way and so it is not possible to know if your use case will be
affected by this limitation.

As others have noted, what you are doing brings with it a considerable
amount of risk.  You really should try to find a way to move to a
supported version of Debian.



Roberto C. Sánchez