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Why popular sites are looking ugly

Hello everybody,

I really like Debian and I prefer it to other distributions as it is
community project.

I have valid Windows Home Box license, but I gave up it founding that
there are some problems with my SSD disk which makes Windows to freeze
and reseting hard drive

Debian is blazing fast and smooth on my box comparing to Windows.

The one problem I have is fonts rendering in Facebook, Twitter and some

Second thing nice to have is option to set up wheel scrolling speed
(but it also seems to be issule only in some places).

Concernig fonts I heard that there is some patent issue with freetype
which prevents autohinting. However it seems to be not the case as some
others site have really nice looking fonts (debian.org for example).

Maybe it would be nice to look into Ubuntu and see what they made to
make Facebook look good.  

    Marek Mosiewicz