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Question about changed logout behavior.

Hi there, since starting using testing a month or so ago my xsession
behavior (I pressume) seem to have changed. I get logged out
automatically after exiting 'X'. I actually read that one person
experienced the same thing about a week ago. Debian user, used testing
and within the same time-frame as me.

I can't remember where but first-hand guesses: reddit, stackoverflow or
something like it. I've looked for it again, but can't find it. Sorry.

I'm not really sure where to go next and I'm I suspect that it's an
intentional change in some package. I guess next in line would be that I
need to configure something and lastly a bug. I still have no idea what
package is involved however.

I've scraped the bottom of the barrel regarding search engines,
conf-files, etc. I've guessed and read any leads I could find. Initial
culprits I suspected: xsession, bash as login shell, systemd-logind and
my login scripts. I stopped when I reached threads and the like over a
decade old.

My scripts are basic and I don't do anything fancy. See bottom for an
edited outline of my '.xinitrc' file. My dot-files sets system editor
and a few basic standard things. 'shopt' rules. Right from the

I use 'dwm', my routine is to start 'X', from the command-line after
login with the supplied 'startx' script. I don't use any scripts to
start 'X' automatically and the reason is that I tend to do a little
manual housekeeping at logout. Sometimes before I start 'X'. Definitely
if I'm troubleshooting. Sometimes I want to start 'X' briefly and
logout again. So I want the previous behaviour.

The 'unclutter'-part refers to this, not the repo one:

My scripts contain program options, output redirections and things that
would clutter '.xinitrc'. If they don't execute they fork to the
background or get killed off. Basic stuff. Nothing that deals with the
'xsession' itself that I can deduce by myself.

/* Display settings */
xrdb ~/.Xresources 

xset r rate 350 40
slstatus &
~/.fehbg &
nm-applet &

/* Needed to do automatic backups, also stopped working btw */
/usr/lib/deja-dup/deja-dup-monitor & 

numlockx &
~/touchpad-conf &

/* One thing I think might be related to session itself, starts
redshift at night if conditions are met */

/* 'unclutter' maaay be be dealing with the session in some way */
unclutter -b --timeout=6 --jitter=350 --ignore-scrolling
xscreensaver -no-splash &


Med vänlig hälsning,
Johan T-Katiska.

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