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Re: thunar: trash works for one user, not for another

On 1/20/19 3:10 AM, Andrea Borgia wrote:
Il 19/01/19 20:17, David Christensen ha scritto:

The key item is that Thunar needs to be able to create a '.Trash-UID' directory in the file system mount point directory.  (I believe my mount point initially had an owner and group of root.root, and Thunar was complaining?)

Hi, David.

This is a single partition install and both my user and his are in the same partition. Also, according to the specs, the toplevel (mountpoint) trash is not relevant within "home": https://specifications.freedesktop.org/trash-spec/trashspec-latest.html

Thanks for the link. My understanding was solely based upon experimentation.

Thing is, I had another look around and  under .local/share/Trash/ now I can clearly see both the test files I deleted and the ones he's looking for. With "mc" and also with thunar itself.

I need to have a look in person, since I can't reproduce the issue from here. It might be a simple case of mistaking the change date for deletion date and not seeing what you're looking for.

Thanks :)

YW.  Let us know what you find out.