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Re: Stop insulting users

On Fri 18 Jan 2019 at 16:14:17 (-0500), Gene Heskett wrote and misquoted Dominik George:
> > >The OP posted to each and every user PLUS the list. That is a huge no
> > >no. Consider yourself advised that us old timers don't go for that
> > > and never have. Ric
> +1 from another old timer.  And at 84 & as of last week part bionic, Ric 
> is right as rain. 
> > I never saw a mail where they did that. Plonk.
> I got at least 4 such to me and to the list. If Ric hadn't beat me to it, 
> I was about to write another procmail recipe.  Might yet if the OP that 
> started this doesn't desist with spamming all the list members plus 
> posting to the list.

I haven't seen any spam from plataleas plataleas. By "spamming", do
you mean that you got individually addressed messages duplicating
their list postings, or something else entirely?

> it                                                                                                                                                     .

Not sure what that empty line signifies.

> The guy may have had a legit question if one can read thru the haze of a 
> language translator and make sense of it, the translator unfortunately 
> did not leave any sense in the statements. So I never did figure out 
> what the OP was wanting.

I received messages on the topic given by the subject line, starting at
concerning the availability of various kernel versions. They were
answered by Dominik George who eventually suggested that the OP
check whether their mirror was up to date, and that seemed to be
appropriate action. Suddenly Ric Moore chimed in with an accusation
of "spamming", under the same subject:

I've already deleted all the substantive posts because I'm not that
deeply into package management, but the archives (starting at the
msg00636.html address) show the thread just as I saw it.
So I'm perplexed.