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Re: Replacement for media-tomb?

On 1/18/19 1:21 PM, "John <jpff"@codemist.co.uk wrote:
> i have been running media-tomb for so years and have been happy with
> it.  My usage is fairly simple -- audio flac files server to mainly
> digital streaming radios.   I am in the process of upgrading to
> stretch and have just discovered media tomb is no more.  Not wanting to
> start a religious squabble but is there a simple replacement?  I saw
> references to gebera but was unsure how to get it without building
> myself (which I could probably do if necessary) and other names I saw
> seemed to concentrate on video which does not figure highly in my
> lifestyle.

I just did switch to Gerbera, which is a continuation of Mediatomb. It
does all, what Mediatomb did and more (e.g. streams DSD audio files). I
use it for photo, audio and video DLNA/UPnP streaming. I don't use any

Sarunas Burdulis
Systems Administrator, Dartmouth Mathematics

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