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Re: backintime

On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 02:27:23PM +1100, Erik Christiansen wrote:
Seconded. After a couple of decades using CVS, I'm not likely to shift
to the newfangled offerings either.
It will, though, take some getting used to, as will any VCS.

For those of you with decades of experience of CVS, you might as well
stick with it.

For someone entirely new to VCSes, I would absolutely not recommend
CVS at all. It does what it does competently enough, but if you require
any support there is a very small pool of people still actively using it
to draw from.

- Jonathan, git user for ≥ 10 years (not sure when I started), having
  moved on from SVN, which replaced CVS, which replaced RCS. Soon I
  will have to gain some expertise with mercurial for $dayjob


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