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Re: backintime

On Wed 16 Jan 2019 at 11:59:39 (-0500), Gene Heskett wrote:
> 2 instant questions about backintime, which I just now installed to make 
> small backups as I work on some machine config files, and some gcode to 
> go with linuxcnc.
> This after haveing suffered the of having xmlindent nissfire and left me 
> with an empty xml file of over 250 loc I've had to reinvent from 
> scratch.
> A round of shingles to the author of that manpage.  Now I know its a 
> filter you pipe input to, but thats not mentioned in the manpage.

A bit harsh; doesn't "*stream* formatter" mean that it's a filter?

> Anyway, I want to setup A) a directory in my home page on that machine
> B) two profiles to watch 2 directories and their subdirs as two separate  
> progile's.  which I've done, both useing the same /home/gene/backup dir 
> for the snapshots.
> But all I can get out of backintime-gnome is that the backup location is 
> invalid.

Can it use the same location for two profiles (asked in ignorance)?
What happens if you split things up?