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Re: Debian stretch crashes on Lenovo T410s *often*

Alexander Biersack wrote: 
> Hi,
> I wanted to report a bug with reportbug, but because I cannot say which
> package reportbug has advised me to contact debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> first.
> The problem is the system crashes sporadically, sometimes after 30 minutes,
> sometimes after an hour, unpredictably. I have now had probably 20 crashes.
> The screen goes black except for a strip of a few pixels on the left of the
> screen which are green. Then the machines reboots after about 15sec.
> I did a fresh install from a Debian 9.6 netinstall cd.
> Since I first suspected the hardware, I swapped the SSD into an identical
> T410s.
> The crashes remained.

If this is an 8 year old T410S, you should suspect heat
problems first.

Have you opened it and removed dust?

Does the fan spin? Does it push air through the vent?

Can you monitor the temperature with "sensors"?

Can you run a high-graphics game and get it to crash faster?