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Re: why wodim is in section other os


Long Wind wrote:
> it can write CD
> it more fit in section Utilities

Well, growisofs is in section "video".
cdrskin and xorriso are in in "otherosfs" (probably because wodim is).
xfburn is in "xfce", Brasero in "gnome", K3B in "kde".

So section is hardly about what the program does.

> i'm afraid wodim isn't well maintained

Officially deprecated for anything but CD media.

> BTW can you recommend some dvd writing tool?

See the names above. The options interface of cdrskin is meant to be
compatible with wodim's. It supports DVD, Blu-ray, and the main CD burn
use cases of pure data and pure audio.

I am developer of libburn, cdrskin and xorriso.
Further i can give some support for growisofs. The desktop-affiliated GUI
programs use growisofs or libburn as backend. Large parts of their
functionality are not about optical drives but about other aspects like
GUI or audio file conversion, though.

Have a nice day :)