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Debian stretch crashes on Lenovo T410s *often*

I wanted to report a bug with reportbug, but because I cannot say which package reportbug has advised me to contact debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx first.

The problem is the system crashes sporadically, sometimes after 30 minutes, sometimes after an hour, unpredictably. I have now had probably 20 crashes.
The screen goes black except for a strip of a few pixels on the left of the screen which are green. Then the machines reboots after about 15sec.

I did a fresh install from a Debian 9.6 netinstall cd.
Since I first suspected the hardware, I swapped the SSD into an identical T410s.
The crashes remained.
Next I suspected the xserver, since I had installed a proprietary nvidia xserver.
But then I used a live Debian stretch DVD to increase the size of the swap partition in an encrypted volume. The live DVD of course had a different xserver.
And the system running from the live DVD had the same crash effect.
I am sure it is not the memory, as I have tested that with memtest extensively and the effect occurred on two T410s. The other machine I swapped it into was running the last stable rock solid for years.

I am kind of lost. I cannot reproduce it at will. I know it is not the xserver, I know it is not the hardware, I know it is not the memory.

I have been running Debian stable for almost 20 years and I have never had anything like this. Rock solid, that is why I am using Debian stable.

For me it is kind of hard to work when I expect the machine to crash any moment.
Reminds me of the very early days of windows.

Notes: The T410s uses the realtek firmware for wireless access. But that has been working fine in the past years on the Lenovos I had.

So right now I am thinking, could it be the new kernel? Or what else do the Live DVD and the current Debian stretch have in common? Everything, it could be anything.

I will try to check the syslogs after the crashes, but so far they were cut off and gave me no clue.

Best regards,
hope to help if I can and would be curious if anyone else has something similar,
Alexander Biersack