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Re: How to set up ethernet and pppoe

On Wed 16 Jan 2019 at 14:06:40 (+0000), jpff wrote:
> My firewall computer is showing problems, including a failed update
> from wheezy to jessie, and I reported disk read error (according to
> smartd) so I am trying to build a new machine.  I have installed
> stretch on the new system but I have got problems beyond my knowledge.
> The install gave me a system with a network managed where I have
> always used ifconfig and the like and /etc/network/interface and do
> not know to remove the network manager and install the "legacy" tools.
> So I have a lan interface but no potential wan.
> The more detailed issue is how to configure the second Ethernet to
> support pppoe.  At present the new machine is on my desk but when I
> move it to the WAN it will need to be running pppoe on the second
> interface or I will be isolated from the world (and advice).
> I also need to remove gnome which was installed in error and add the
> iptable changes.

It sounds as if you've accidentally installed a Desktop Environment
as your new firewall system, which does sound rather inappropriate.
Perhaps the easiest way of backing out of this so early in the
system's life is just to repeat the installation as an expert install
and avoid making that mistake again (at "Software Selection").
Obviously the partitioning stays the same, but you just reformat the
same partition layout.
BTW ifconfig is in net-tools nowadays, if you prefer that to ip.