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Re: We've got a problem. Debian "Jessie" box won't launch X or Tomcat, and USB drive won't mount

James H. H. Lampert wrote: 
> Ladies and Gentlemen:
> We've got a Debian 8 box (an old Dell 400SC) that won't launch X (it boots
> to a command line) or Tomcat, nor mount a USB hard drive that we use for
> backups.
> It will, however, accept ssh connections.
> In the boot sequence, I see "Failed" where it tries to mount the USB drive.
> I also can't seem to get that drive to mount on anything else, which
> suggests that it has been corrupted.
> Can somebody suggest where to start looking for the problem?

Clean it out. If it's old, it might be dusty.

Then: is it supposed to start X, and failing, or is it happily
coming up to a command line because that's what it's been told
to do?

Log in, and run startx. If you get X11, then the box is fine
with that and you might need to install or reconfigure a display
manager like xdm or lightdm.

If you get an error message instead, tell us about it. Also,
look for details in /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Tomcat: how does it fail when you start tomcat by hand?

USB for backups: the hard drive is dead. Get a new one. Test it.