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Re: Migrate Stretch to New UEFI Build?

Patrick Bartek wrote:

>> Patrick Bartek wrote:
>> > I never could understand that type of "reasoning." With me, if there's
>> > no NEED, it's not done. I'm very much the pragmatist. Always have
>> > been even as a child, and never likely to change.
>> you need it but you don't know yet
> Unlikely.  Haven't needed LVM (or RAID for that matter) in the almost 20
> years Linux has been my personal OS.

For your private use, it might be OK, but when you need flexibility, you
understand what you were missing. And mostly you start thinking from there
and decide if it is worth implementing.

>> For example I leave some percentage of the disc unused and can increase
>> the any partition when needed - because I do not know which one will get
>> filled first. Now this can be challengeing without lvm and lvm does not
>> come with significant overhead. So why not?!
> I'm VERY diligent about pruning and deleting old or unneed files, data,
> apps, etc.  For example, my Wheezy install which I used for 5 years
> (until support was dropped): / 16GB 45% full; /home 207GB 43% full. I'm
> not a gamer.  So, no humongous installs there.  I have no music, video
> or movies taking up space. I don't even use a desktop environment.
> Window manager and a single panel only. And I'm the only user of the
> system.  My Stretch install (about 6 months old) has even lower
> percentages, but that's to be expected.
> Obviously, how and what you use for system for are very different from
> mine.

Obviously, but even for a smaller system it does not hurt to use LVM.
Encryption is worth using on notebook or when you have sensitive data. It
comes at a high price, but LVM is almost for free. 
I am also conservative in deleting history. I installed and tried couple of
distros between 1998 and 2002 on some older 686 then upgraded and moved to
amd64 with the time the system grew up - personal data, accounting, videos,
albums, software, development, open source, virtual machines ... this is
now 3x2TB and 2x1TB disks in RAID1, encrypted and with LVM on top.
Without good planning and flexibility to manage bigger amounts of data you
are doomed.