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Re: Migrate Stretch to New UEFI Build?

On Sun, 13 Jan 2019 23:19:35 +0100
deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Patrick Bartek wrote:
> > I never could understand that type of "reasoning." With me, if there's
> > no NEED, it's not done. I'm very much the pragmatist. Always have
> > been even as a child, and never likely to change.  
> you need it but you don't know yet

Unlikely.  Haven't needed LVM (or RAID for that matter) in the almost 20
years Linux has been my personal OS.

> For example I leave some percentage of the disc unused and can increase the
> any partition when needed - because I do not know which one will get filled
> first. Now this can be challengeing without lvm and lvm does not come with
> significant overhead. So why not?!

I'm VERY diligent about pruning and deleting old or unneed files, data,
apps, etc.  For example, my Wheezy install which I used for 5 years
(until support was dropped): / 16GB 45% full; /home 207GB 43% full. I'm
not a gamer.  So, no humongous installs there.  I have no music, video
or movies taking up space. I don't even use a desktop environment.
Window manager and a single panel only. And I'm the only user of the
system.  My Stretch install (about 6 months old) has even lower
percentages, but that's to be expected.

Obviously, how and what you use for system for are very different from