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Re: kernel parallel builds?

I'm using this command from within the unpacked kernel source:
fakeroot debian/rules binary

I'll have another look, thanks.

Il giorno lun 14 gen 2019 alle ore 13:59 Celejar <celejar@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
On Mon, 14 Jan 2019 12:55:40 +0100
Andrea Borgia <andrea@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi.
> How do I find out, and possibly tune, the degree of parallelization in the
> kernel build process? The "Kernel Handbook" doesn't say.
> I've got a fairly recent PC with plenty of RAM and a NVME drive, so I was
> shocked to find that rebuilding the debian kernel package took a few hours.
> Shocked because the system is otherwise extremely fast.

To set concurrency, use make's -j flag / option, or whatever the tool
you're using uses to set concurrency. E.g., make-kpkg also has a -j
flag / option (which it passes to make), as well as a CONCURRENCY_LEVEL
environment variable.