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Re: php7.3-fpm segfaults

Il 13/01/19 15:37, Roberto C. Sánchez ha scritto:
I would lean toward hardware.  Have you considered
running memtest on your system?

The problem is perfectly reproducible on my system.
Removing php7.3-mysql the problem goes away. When I install it again I get the problem back too. I hardly see that being caused by a faulty RAM module. Besides in my experience the first consequence of faulty RAM on Linux is a filesystem corruption.

Anyway I've double checked and ran memtest86+. No errors reported.

I suspect the problem could be some old library files lingering around, because this system was first installed several years ago and tracked testing/sid throughout all those years. That would explain why there aren't any reports out there of similar problems.

However I don't know how to verify my hypothesis.