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dumb question about SSL

I'm having a bit of bother with my home server thingy.
does apache, roundcube, dovecot, cups.
is buster.
Is problem with roundcube communicating with dovecot or something. sending mail times out and the settings webpage isn't working whereas it was fine a week ago.

It occurs to me I don't really understand how SSL works and if problem I have might be to do with that not understanding.
You can make a self signed certificate, a public, private pair
Apache says you can make one and Dovecot says you can make one.
So are these SSL pairs separate things or one thing in one place that identifies the machine. What happens if connect to running apache over encryption then connect to running dovecot over webmail with encryption, does it expect different keys ?
I'm a bit confused about it.
are the keys particular to the machine ? the domain ? the software ?

I dunno what I've done. I think I made some keys for apache the other day to see if I could get ssl working ( is just local so I don't really need it, but anyway ) but perhaps I made keys from dovecot documentation a year or so ago.

Perhaps there might be an issue that I changed my local domain from "local" to "home" in that time. Could that have anything to do with it ?

Should I delete all the ssl directories I can find to see if that helps ?


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