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Re: Setting a USB for multi usages

If using Uefi installs you only need to have a vfat formated first partition with a folder called efi and the appropriate efi binary/substructure. You can use the rest of the disk as you like.

BIOS installers on the same can be achieved with syslinux in addition to uefi. However I find that just having uefi seems to go better these days (at least if installing onto recent hardware). Due to varying levels of vendor write as around CSM (compatibility BIOS/system mode) breaking dual BIOS/eufi media installers.


On Sat., 12 Jan. 2019, 09:48 MENGUAL Jean-Philippe <mengualjeanphi@xxxxxxx wrote:

My purpose is having a USB stick splitted in 2 parts:
1. MBR + partitions: a Debian installer from an ISO
2. A blank partition to install data or whatver

While I know to "burn" an iso on a key via dd, how can I do to have a clean installer but using key for other usages?

Thanks very much


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