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Migrate Stretch to New UEFI Build?

Building a new UEFI system to supplant my "showing its age" 12 year old
non-UEFI, MBR-only system, and don't want to do a clean install of
Stretch.  Cloning drive and converting to GPT is out. I want only to
migrate the Stretch install out of the others there. Any links
or suggestions as to the best way to do this will be greatly

I have done this before, but only with a MBR system & drives. Plus, I
want to have a common-shared  /boot partition for possible future
upgrades or expansions. 

Here's a general procedure gleaned from numerous sources, none which
individually covered exactly my circumstances. All the steps will take
place on the new UEFI system as root.

1. Boot New System with 64-bit hybrid LiveCD since I already have I
one  . . . somewhere ;-) Check it booted into UEFI mode.

2. Partition new drive appropriately in GPT and format

3. Mount appropriate partitions of both drives

4. Use rsync to copy contents of corresponsing partitions -- Old to New

6. Edit fstab on migrated system: new UUIDs; add mount line for /boot
partition, etc. Copy contents of /boot directory to /boot partition.
Add efi directory to new /boot partition. 

7. chroot to system on new drive

8. Install all necessary efi files, efi-grub especially, etc. (They are
not installed on old system.  MBR only, remember . . .)

9. Create new system map, initrd image, etc., for each kernel. Install

10.  Shutdown, remove old drive.

11. Boot. Hope it works. ;-)

Any caveats?  Glaring errors?  Suggestions?