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Multitasking, using a Multi-User Operating System


This is a General Post about using Debian.  But it refers to a thread I started, when I jumped to a crazy conclusion, based on insufficient testing before requesting help.

The original thread is  here:  https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2019/01/msg00328.html  

I am a Computer Consultant, who freely volunteers to help people, mainly on the Support side.  When somebody asks me about a Program or Package I don't know, I often will install it on my system to check it out.  Since these Packages may not fit in to my own Philosophy, I often create special Usernames, to test them with.  For example, I created separate User Names, for KDE and Gnome.

Right from the start, with Yggdrasil Plug and Play Linux, was the fact that you got Six Virtual Text Sessions, that you could, instantly switch between.  I would even arrange them.  

And, even when I embraced a Desktop (Gnome 2), I would switch back to my Text Terminals, mainly because I liked to run Server Apps Interactively, and be able to switch to the screen where their Messages were coming out.  Like, for instance, Alt-F1 would be for System Messages.  And yes, on Alt-F5, I might be Playing Mahler's Third Symphony or a Chopin Piano piece.

And here's what is so great:  All of this can occur at once.  Multitasking.  

So what is occurring now?   I hope I'm not supposed to "Dumb Myself Down".

What does it mean to be a Debian-User?  

Thank you.

Kenneth Parker   http://eyeblinkuniverse.com (An Open Source Universe).

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