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Re: Debian booting into initramfs shell

On 09.01.2019 14:00, songbird wrote:
> Thomas Schweikle wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Since latest upgrades debian boots into initramfs shell:
>> Gave up Waiting for suspend/resum device
>> Gave up waiting for root file system device. Gommon problems:
>> ...
>> ALERT! UUID=c92b... does not exist.
>> Dropping to a shell!
>> Looking at devices, none exist: /dev/sda* are all missing.
>> Looking at loaded drivers/modules: all required are loaded.
>> Booting into rescue mode with the very same kernel/initrd works:
>> devices are there, modules are loaded, file systems are accessible.
>> Any idea how to solve this problem, when none of the kernels available
>> boots into multiuser? And only the rescue system is working?
>   Debian stable, testing or unstable or ?
> and what hardware setup?

testing, then checked unstable -- same.
stable does work as expected.