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Re: kernel regression from stable to testing (acpi lid / EEEpc 1215p)


On Tue, 8 Jan 2019 17:44:04 +0100
Andrea Borgia <andrea@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Il 07/01/19 20:09, Michael Lange ha scritto:
> > Since the error message looks different from yours I guess that this
> > is probably a completely different issue, though.
> Most likely you're right, however there was quite a big rewrite of ACPI 
> in 4.10 and I wouldn't rule it out completely.

I forgot to mention that the lid did not stop working here between 4.9 and
4.10. Actually here it works with a Siduction 4.16 kernel, but does not
with the Liquorix 4.19. Just for the fun of it I tried the Debian 4.19
kernel from Sid and the lid happens to work again. Maybe this is due to
some (possibly faulty) driver modules missing from the Debian kernel, but
that's of course just guesswork. 
I think for now I will just stick with 4.16 and see if in the course of
time the missing modules will be picked up by debian.

> > I believe reporting to debian is the best so long as you use a debian
> > kernel. If you want to report to kernel.org probably they'll expect
> > that you compile and try their kernel first.
> That wouldn't be a problem: the thing is so old that it probably makes 
> no difference.

Just because it is old does not necessarily mean that no one bothers.
After I upgraded to Stretch I filed a bug report because my 20 year old
sound card suddenly had stopped working and after a couple of weeks they
had this fixed so now the card works as good as new. As far as Win 10 is
concerned that card is as dead as a doorknob :-)



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