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Re: IPv6 router is not forwarding packets

On 07.01.19 23:06, Rainer Dorsch wrote:

> "Configure the IPv6 router so that it requests its own prefix from the FRITZ!Box 
> using IPv6 prefix delegation and that it announces its routing information to 
> the FRITZ!Box via router advertisement."
> https://en.avm.de/service/fritzbox/fritzbox-7390/knowledge-base/publication/
> show/1239_Setting-up-an-IPv6-subnet-in-the-FRITZ-Box/
> Which routing information does the fritzbox need? Do I need radvd for that?

radvd is just for announcing RA to your subnets. I think you can use
dnsmasq instead.

But you need something to get these prefixes from your fritzbox.

I personally use (on a CentOS router) wide-dhcpv6 for that.

best regards