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Re: Why choose Debian on server

Curt wrote:

> Then you, if I'm remembering correctly, joined in to profess your own
> distrust or dislike of stackexchange and your refusal to use Chromium to
> obviate a very long-standing FF bug that you appear to claim or strongly
> suggest only impacts the stackexchange web site.

I bag a pardon - I just mentioned that the same FF works for many other web
sites and that it is not up to the site owner to correct this - either by
workaround or by contacting FF and making pressure.
I do not understand why I should change my behavior and as Gene mentioned
start a program that by default is compromised just to print one single

> Try that on for size. But maybe Reddit is part of the conspiracy.*

Who know, who knows ... nowdays anything is possible ... and if you believe
or not I have found out many sites that pretend to be something they are
not most of all NGOs funded by CIA. And it is not only sites, but companies
and people as well, so in fact I can not be sure even who you are or who is
Gene, though with Gene all seems to be OK - but with you promoting Chrome -
come on ... tell me I have to run windows to print the stupid pages :) ...
and please do not take it personal.

> Anyway, I was wrong to be rude, and also wrong to say you were out of
> luck hitting the bug if you refused using another browser, as we've
> discovered together in the spirit of fraternity other ways to skin that
> cat.

Thank you and in the name of the fraternity  - love and peace :)

> *Perhaps a more rational explanation (or at least one to which
> Popper's Principle of Falsifiability might be applied):
> https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1198054
> There are some combinations of style rules that Firefox handles
> perfectly fine when it doesn't need to break pages, but which do not
> break correctly at print time. I wish I could give you a list, but that
> would require hours of research.
> The ones that leap to mind:
> display: flex
> display: inline-block on tall elements
> display: table on elements that are not a table
> display: table-cell on elements that are not a td
> overflow/overflow-y rules
> Also, Firefox cannot paginate the fieldset tag.

Thanks, might be FF problem, but it is up to the site owner to provide a
solution or to get in touch with FF. The ignorance of the site owner speaks
for itself, or do you have any communication on the issue with

Thanks and regards